Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Haymes Pharma is fully committed to providing vet nutraceuticals and supplements that are natural and environmentally friendly. We prioritize developing high-quality, market-leading products. All our products are developed by veterinarians and tailored to the specific needs of animals and poultry.

Research & Development: Our organization is primarily based on scientific research and development. Our R&D department focuses on discovering and developing new drugs to treat and prevent a wide range of health problems. We embrace modern scientific and technological advances to accelerate the development of innovative products with improved therapeutic activity and reduced side effects. We provide solutions derived from our research and development commitments to address current and emerging problems in the field.

The Essence of our Brand

Haymes Pharma places emphasis on quality products and effective customer-focused service. We aim to use our optimal resources to meet the expectations of clients, regulators, and government entities.

Haymes Pharma offers a wide range of products for both livestock and poultry. Our core values of Quality, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Innovation, Safety, and SMART Work are key to increasing our organization’s profitability and efficiency.

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